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Credit Card Solutions
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Diversified Members Credit Union
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E.D.S. Tax + Accounting has been serving our community and preparing tax returns for over 70 years. Our firm was founded when Elenore Elliott and her sister Delores Dutcher opened their income-tax business in 1943, before the IRS started withholding income tax payments! We are so honored to be serving fourth generation clients, and are excited to offer the same great service our clients have enjoyed for decades AND new and expanded services to better serve our clients and their growing needs.
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Flagstar Bank
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H&R Block
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KDS Accounting & Tax Services
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Madison Heights MI
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Organizing financials is the most frustrating problem for most small organizations. KDS Small Business Accountants help churches and small businesses maintain a strong financial accountability using modern software and traditional accounting techniques. Choosing a system to keep track of the books is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your small business. Get it right and you set yourself up for long term success. Get it wrong and you’ll be on the path to quickly going out of business. Unless your business involves financial services, you will be severely challenged to stay current on the best cash-flow accounting practices and changing tax reporting regulations. KDS Accounting Services provides personal accounting services to individuals and families with a wide variety of needs. We provide notary services, tax preparation and personal accounting services tailored to the needs of the customers we serve.
Michigan Schools & Government Credit Union
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Our Credit Union
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Plan B Tax Relief
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