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The nation’s #1 fertilizer outlet. Our trained staff can tell you how to hook up a growing table, prepare the perfect growing light set up, and how to make sure you are getting the best set up for your budget. Gardening indoors with soil and hydroponics is one of the fastest growing, (no pun intended) industries in southeastern Michigan. It is easy, affordable and you can create an abundant harvest of high end nutritional produce in the privacy of your own home. We have sales and specials every month! New shipments are coming in daily. We have all your favorite Hydroponics Nutrients in stock! Edenz Hydro has the best of the best hydroponics systems and hydroponics nutrients. You do not have to be a hydroponics growing expert to appreciate Edenz Hydro. We can help you with your indoor garden no matter if you are a seasoned expert or a novice.
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